Educational program

The philosophy behind our educational program is that young children learn best through play.
Play provides opportunities for:
Creative thinking
Development of ideas, and therefore,
Play provides the foundation for academic learning and through it children are exposed to literacy, numeracy and science. Language is developed as children increase their vocabulary and develop structures for their stories. This is the preparation they need so they can learn to understand abstract symbols such as letters and numbers.
Play also helps children to develop relationships in which they learn important social skills such as sharing, waiting for turns, negotiation, leadership and conflict resolution.
Thus play enables us to achieve the objectives of our early childhood program.
Through the implementation of a curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework, the children will learn and develop in a holistic way and their progress is observed and documented in relation to the following Learning Outcomes:

Having a strong sense of identity.
Being connected with and contributing to their world.
Having a strong sense of wellbeing.
Being confident and involved learners.
Being effective communicators.